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Name:Milky Inkjet Film
Item No.:FT-100W

Tel: 0086-377-60882988 Fax: 0086-377-60882688
Email: aileen@nyhonor.com Whatsapp: 0086-13782100838
Address: Tanglou Village, Fangcheng, Nanyang, Henan, China

Product Details:

Description: Inkjet Clear Film W/P
Item No.: FT-100W
Thickness: 100µm
Compatible Ink: Dye / Pigment
Compatible Printers: Large format printers and desktop printers, e.g. HP, Roland, Canon, Epson, Novajet, Mutoh, Mimaki, etc.
Available Size: 24”~63” *30 / 50 / 100m or Customized
Excellent waterproofness, high black density, sharp dot, no stripping, no ink spreading.  It is suitable for press publishing, textile printing, screen printing and other printings.